Gravity Google Reader 302 error

I recently updated Gravity on my Nokia 5800 to build 6528, but once installed I found that I couldn’t access Google Reader any more. It would try to authenticate but would give a 302 error and say that it was unable to authenticate. Thankfully the developer has released a fix for this, which can be downloaded from I’m really glad this has been fixed because I found being able to view Google Reader on the move very useful.

WordPress 3

I’ve just updated the blog software to WordPress 3. So far I can’t see any immediate changes, other than the Dashboard looks a bit brighter. I’m sure there’s been plenty of things changed behind the scenes though. I’ve got an idea for developing a site in WordPress, so maybe this is when I’ll start to notice any differences…


Not really up to much at the moment, other than watching the football (12 games so far) and Big Brother (damn you Mario).

I was quite amused to see the amount of spam that Akismet catches – almost as amusing as some of the things people write to try and get around the filter!


My current reseller hosting package is very cheap – but perhaps it’s just a little bit too cheap. I get all the features I need but the speed leaves a bit to be desired, so I’m considering finding some alternative reseller hosting which is UK based to speed things up a bit. Will have to do some research first though…

Long week

This week feels like it has lasted forever. Nicky has had a cold for a while, and now he’s also got conjunctivitis, so he has been quite restless for the last two nights. Anna has also had a bad cold so is also suffering from a lack of sleep. On top of that, on Wednesday my laptop got infected with a rootkit which took me about 7 hours to get rid of, meaning that I’ve had to catch up on the work I missed yesterday and today, whilst feeling like a zombie due to lack of sleep.

We watched Lost on Wednesday, which was a lot better than the previous episode, but still leaves lots of things unanswered, and as there’s only the finale to go I’m not sure how they can resolve everything satisfactorily. I guess we’ll find out on Monday!

Netvibes USD-GBP widget

As mentioned before, I wanted to create a widget for my Netvibes homepage to allow me to see the current exchange rate between the US dollar and the British pound. This is partly because I’m currently paid in dollars so I’m interested to see how much I’ll get in pounds, plus it was also a good opportunity to remind myself how to create a widget.

It was actually a bit more straightforward than I’d been expecting. In order to keep the actual widget quite small, I have a separate PHP script to find out the latest rate – this is retrieved from The Money, who provide an RSS XML feed with the latest rate. The PHP script parses the XML to find the current USD/GBP rate, and outputs this as text.

The widget retrieves this text using Ajax, then works out the exchange rate both ways and displays them. It also allows you to enter a default value in USD to convert to GBP. This is what the widget looks like on my Netvibes home page:

My Netvibes exchange rate widget

I created the icon in GIMP, just a basic 16×16 GIF and using the text editor to add the two currency symbols.

My widget can be seen on the Netvibes Ecosystem.


Unfortunately I’ve not had time to work on the Netvibes widget that I mentioned in the previous article. We’re still busy unpacking and sorting things out, we’ve got quite a lot done though considering it’s only been a week.

One more thing I want to create is an accelerator for IE8 to show the AcronymFinder page for the selected acronym – according to Google there was something like this before but I can’t find it now. It would help me with my job if I could create this.


Nothing much going on, as I’ve just moved house. So as you can imagine, most of my time is being spent unpacking boxes!

One thing I am planning to do is create a Netvibes widget to run on my Netvibes page, just something to tell me the current USD-GBP exchange rate (as I’m paid in USD). I’m sure something like this already exists, but I want to see if I can remember how to create a widget. I’ve created two before, to show the BBC News and Sport headlines, but that was a while ago!

Win 7 AntiMalware problems

Today I noticed a pop-up from the Windows 7 Action Center showing that Win 7 AntiMalware was turned off. I thought that was a bit strange, so clicked to turn it back on, after which it did a scan showing that I had 29 files with spyware in. I didn’t think this was too good(!), but was a bit confused by the options saying that I could purchase the full version of AntiMalware. I was under the impression that it was free, but clicked the link to see what would happen. It came up with a very official looking page at (although the address bar was hidden) asking me to pay for Windows Defender 2010. I was sure that Defender was a free product, so did a search and found out that Win 7 AntiMalware is itself malware.

I followed the instructions to remove it that I found at This seemed to get rid of AntiMalware, however it also screwed up the association of .exe files in Windows, meaning that I couldn’t actually run any programs! After a slight panic I used Anna’s PC to lookup the solution, and thankfully found info at SevenForums on how to resolve this – they provided a .reg file to restore the settings in the registry. Microsoft also provide a way of resolving this.

I’m now running a full scan with Windows Defender to check if it can find anything else. Bit annoyed that it didn’t detect the original problem, might have to find an alternative.