Nexus 5X update

So I’ve had the 5X for a couple of months now and I thought I’d post an update on my usage of the phone. I’m still really happy with it – the only negative is possibly the battery life but that’s only if I spend all day playing Marvel Puzzle Quest on it. There’s no lag when using the phone, things happen quickly and smoothly and it’s an absolute pleasure to use compared to previous phones.

The fingerprint scanner is a big plus. It’s very quick to unlock the phone and helps add an extra layer of security (and stops the kids playing games behind my back!) It also helps with my banking app and LastPass, I can just login with my fingerprint rather than having to mess about with passwords.

The absolute highlight is the camera. Two presses of the power button and the camera loads, and pictures can be taken so quickly. The quality is excellent too. I can easily take three or four high quality pictures in the time my wife’s older phone can take one. It makes such a difference when wanting to take quick pictures – at a gig on Saturday I could whip my phone out, hold it in the air for five seconds and have taken three or four decent pictures, even if some don’t come out it doesn’t matter because one is bound to work. With my previous phone I wouldn’t even have had the camera app open in that time!

I’m really pleased I chose this phone and look forward to what Android N brings. I hope to use this phone for a long time yet (it cost me a fair amount after all) but it’s definitely convinced me that Nexus devices are the way to go. Just watch and see Google discontinue the Nexus program now!

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