Marvel Puzzle Quest

Having worked my way through all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, as well as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I decided to have a go at this game on my Android tablet. I was addicted to the first Puzzle Quest game so was interested to see how the Marvel version would work. I think if anything it is even more addictive, especially as it now features an online player-vs-player mode!

There are many different characters and variants to choose from, with a large number of power-ups to aim for. The only bad point is that although the game is free, it is geared up to make you pay via in-app purchases, both to expand your roster (using Hero Points) or level up your characters (using Iso-8). It is possible to progress through the game without paying (as I am currently attempting) but Hero Points are very difficult to come by – I have a roster of 10 at the moment but do not have anywhere near enough space to claim all of my awarded characters. But I will strive on without paying if I can get away with it!

Some advice for anyone playing – when planning moves, you should look for the following (in order of preference):

  • A move that matches five tiles of the same colour – either all in a row, or two rows of three with one going horizontally and one vertically, with one crystal shared. This will not only give you another move but you’ll also get a crystal, which gives you a critical hit.
  • A move that matches four tiles of the same colour – this will clear the whole row or column. However, this is not always the best idea – it depends on what colours you are trying to build up to use your powers, or what colours you want the enemy to not build up. Some enemies also have passive powers which will affect you if you match certain colours (Daken and Bullseye are pains for this).

So far I’m playing the game every day and taking part in the events, and not doing too badly – my Modern Storm is almost at level 50 and Iron Man Model 35 is not too far behind. It’s pretty difficult without paying and you can only go so far in multiplayer events as they will have much stronger characters than you until you’ve been playing the game for a while. However, I’m enjoying it and plan on playing it for a while yet!

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