Humble Mobile Bundle 7 now available for Android devices

It used to be the case that Humble Bundles would appear one at a time, but now they have several on the go at once as well as a store. This is good news from an Android gaming perspective as it means we should get more mobile games on offer more frequently! This is the seventh such bundle (hence the name!) and currently features six games, three available if you pay what you want and the other three available if you beat the average (currently $4.05). These games are:

  • The Tiny Bang Story
  • Color Zen Premium
  • Heroes of Loot
  • Kingdom Rush Frontiers (beat the average)
  • Horn (beat the average)
  • Sorcery! (beat the average)

If you’re tempted by the bundle, it’s always worth buying it in the early days and paying more than the average, as additional games always get added after a week or so, and you’ll get these for free if you beat the average.

Here is a video featuring the games in the bundle:

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