Samsung announce Galaxy Gear smartwatch

Samsung have finally unveiled their smartwatch at the Ifa consumer show in Berlin. The Galaxy Gear will be available to buy from 25th September for around $300 (£190) and needs to be paired up with a Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet to make full use of its features.

Galaxy GearThe watch has a 1.6″ screen, a camera and two microphones. It can be used to take pictures and make phone calls. According to Samsung, the battery should last a day of regular use. This is a very low amount for a watch – whilst we’re all used to charging our phones every day, we don’t do this with watches. We’d also expect the clock to stay on all the time but it turns off on the Galaxy Gear to save energy.

It remains to be seen if this will be as successful as the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series of devices – personally I think it will take improved hardware before this takes off.

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