New Nexus 7 now available for UK users; Nexus 4 receives discount

In two bits of Google-related hardware news, the revamped Nexus 7 is now available from the UK Google Play store, as well as other hardware outlets. The Nexus 7 is available in two flavours, 16GB (£199.99) and 32GB (£239.00) – both versions are Wi-Fi only, although a 4G-enabled version is available from O2 in a currently exclusive deal.

The Nexus 4 has also receoved a large discount – the 8GB version is now available for the bargain price of £159, whilst the 16GB version will set you back £199. As the device does not include an SD slot it is advisable to be aware of how much memory you think you’ll require for apps and music. Unsurprisingly there’s currently a bit of a wait for a Nexus 4, with the Play store promising a shipping date of 10th September.

The Nexus 4 discount presumably means a Nexus 5 is to be announced shortly, or perhaps it is aimed at attracting customers before the next iPhone announcement?

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