Samsung Galaxy Note 3 specs rumoured: 5.68″ screen?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be unveiled pretty soon, and there are many rumours flying around the internet about the hardware specification of the device. The standout specs are a 5.68″ screen (compared to 5.5″ for the Note 2), a massive 3450 mAh battery, a 1.8GHz octo-core chipset, 32GB of storage and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean out of the box.

From being derided upon release as being too large, Samsung’s Galaxy Note line has been very successful, to the extent that other manufacturers have started releasing devices in sizes that are between phones and tablets (phablets, if you like). No doubt the Note 3 will have a price to match it’s gargantuan specs, but nothing has been confirmed.

It will be interesting to see if Samsung have any surprises in store for the Note 3 – it very much seems to be a case of evolution rather than revolution at present. That’s all very well for now, but if they want users to upgrade they need to provide a good reason.

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