Ubuntu Edge fundraiser started on Indiegogo

The Ubuntu Edge, a device that will allow users to run Ubuntu and Android, has been launched on Indiegogo. The device will serve as a phone, but when plugged into a monitor/keyboard/mouse will also work as a PC. This could be an incredibly useful device – you would truly have a portable computer that could be taken anywhere, as well as used on the go in its mobile format.

The fundraiser is aiming to raise a staggering $32 million – options at present include paying $830 to get an Edge, up to $80,000 for 100 Edges along with access to workshops and support. So far $3 million has been raised in less than a day!

I am intrigued by the Edge – at $830 it’s out of my price range at present, especially as I don’t need to update my phone for a while, but it could be the next step in truly portable computing.

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