Not looking good for Falcon Pro Twitter app

After a second reset of the API tokens for Falcon Pro, it looks like the developer is now facing the wrath of Twitter. Apparently all of the access keys have been used up again, which according to the developer on Google+ is down to Twitter. He has removed the app from the Play Store until he can come up with a plan. However, the last line of the post is ‘I’m pretty depressed right now, thought I would have more time, but it looks like the end of Falcon Pro is near 🙁

This is disappointing as Falcon Pro is a great app – it’s the app I use on my Android devices for accessing Twitter and it does such a good job that I can’t imagine having to go back to the official app. Hopefully something can be sorted out so that the developer’s good work does not go to waste. Users looking for a workaround can check his Google+ post for older versions of the app.

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