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I’ve been playing World War for quite a while now. I’m now up to level 42, but have been camping at this level for quite a while trying to build up my income and defences which are very low for a level 42. My previous gameplan had simply been to level up quickly by completing the missions, but now I find myself under attack from people who have leveled up slowly. It’s quite frustrating not being able to level up quickly but this is the way the game has been designed so I have no alternative.

So my current gameplan is this:

  • Build as many income-related buildings as possible
  • Add to my defence (both units and buildings) when possible
  • Keep my health as low as possible (below 27) so that other people can’t attack me. I do this by checking the game frequently, and whenever my health is above 27 I try and attack people on the sanctioned list. I’m not doing too badly at this, I tend to kill the person about 10-20% of the time which can be fairly lucrative.

I’m sure there are better gameplans which involve camping at the lower levels, but I really don’t want to start the game again, so this will have to suffice. I’ve been using a calculator (I’ve got an app called World War Calculator) which works out which building you should buy next based on the return on investment or value for money.

Update: If anyone wants an ally, add me – my code is XAAQFD. I’m now at level 60, earning 600 million an hour – just from continually adding income buildings. It’s also definitely worth building up your defensive buildings, as I can’t remember the last time anyone was able to beat me in a battle.

6 thoughts on “World War thoughts and tips”

  1. Want money quick? Waste your ammo on sanctions, under the battle menu. you will lose alot, but you will Make bank trust me. my level 12, took on people at level 167. I dunno how nore why. but it works.
    Add me. y97fwx

  2. Get released of your enemies NOW ! add me : QXX4DN, they will get slayed by´╗┐ my group !
    the only thing you have to do is ADD me and POST the NAME of your enemie !

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