Samsung Galaxy S Kernel Panic?

This morning I was playing the Angry Birds demo, and exited the game by pressing the Home button rather than Back. This went back to the home screen but paused mid-scroll, so half the icons from one page and half from the next page were showing. It stayed like this for a short while before a black page appeared with a message saying something like ‘Panic Kernel Upload Mode’. The only thing I could do was take the battery out and turn the phone back on. This seemed to eventually fix it, at first all of my icons had disappeared but they came back eventually. Hopefully it was just a one-off, maybe it’s caused by the Angry Birds beta and will be fixed in the full version…

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  1. Had the same problem myself this morning. Nothing to do with Angry Birds though. Just syncing the phone with my music player (Banshee on Ubuntu 10.10). Popped the battery out, restarted and all appears back to normal.

  2. iv had the same prob with mine, but taking battery out has not helped, it wont let me do anythin, can anyone help/

  3. 🙁
    What to do????
    Just wait for a couple off days for the battery to run out??

  4. The same thing has happen on my wife’s Galaxy S on two occasions; cleared each time by holding the power key in until the phone reboots.

  5. hold the on/off button for like 45 seconds should turn off then reset back on…no more black screen android

  6. my galaxy s has had the kernel panic mode over 10 times in one day removed battery external mem card and sim no sign of it leaving. anyone had the same problem of it persistantly staying ?????

  7. had the same problem with phone I bought in UAE. Sent back to SAMSUNG and they told me it was irreparable. Now in the bin Im afraid

  8. I haven’t had this problem for a very long time – it might be that flashing more recent firmware has fixed the problem, so if anyone still has this problem it might be worth updating to the latest stock firmware to try and fix it.

  9. I was browsing the internet when suddenly my phone had this kernel panic. i switched off, switched on. i cant access my sim again. The messsage that comes up is “SIM network unlock PIN”. I never had a PIN for my SIM. The phone is on but i cant access the SIM. What do i do?

  10. I can’t help with this unfortunately – I no longer have this phone. All I could suggest is taking the SIM out and trying it in a different phone, to try and work out if the problem is with the phone or the SIM.

  11. Well, my hedset is galaxy pocket, today my phone was running slow so i decided to wipe data, and wipe cache and I did it. and after switching on my phone it goes up to touch droid sth like that and after vibration comes once and my phone continues to vibrate but it doesn’t stop and after couple of seconds “user fault not kernel panic upload mode appears” plz help me fix this plm.

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